Some locations may have a limited menu


4oz - 6.95


8oz - 9.95


12oz - 12.95


Brim Burger

Double American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins, BRIM Burger Sauce & Signature Sauce in a seeded brioche bun

the meltdown

Hot cheese sauce, lettuce, onion, tomato & BRIM Burger Sauce in a seeded brioche bun

fiery BRIMstone 🌶🌶

Jalapeños, double cheese, lettuce, Habañero Sauce & BRIM Burger Sauce in a seeded brioche bun

Smashed shrooms

Grilled mushrooms & grilled onions, double cheese, ketchup, BRIM Burger Sauce & our Signature Sauce in a seeded brioche bun

bbq rasher

Double cheese, rashers of bacon, two onion rings, lettuce, caramelised onions, BBQ North & our BRIM Burger Sauce in a seeded brioche bun

the chicken run

Breaded chicken fillet, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato & Signature Sauce in a seeded brioche bun

Sweet Chilli time 🌶

Chilli jam, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, Sweet Chilli Sauce & BRIM Burger Sauce

Hawaiian heaven

Turkey rashers, grilled pineapple, lettuce, onion & tomato, topped with our BRIM Burger Sauce in a seeded brioche bun


20oz of patties, 5 cheese layers, caramelised onions, chilli jam, our BRIM Burger Sauce with 3 slices of turkey bacon & 2 onion rings in a seeded brioche bun

Build your own 7.95

Choose any 4 toppings as well as 2 sauces (excluding rashers)

Add Rashers 1.50)

Add toppings for 95p

Lettuce, Grilled Onions, American Cheese, Onion Rings, Caramelised Onions, Gherkins, Cheddar Cheese, Hash Brown, Jalapeño, Pineapple, Cheese Sauce, Chilli Jam, Tomatoes, Fried Egg, Grilled Mushrooms

Hot Dogs

classic Hot Dog 5.95

Ketchup & melted cheese in a brioche roll

smokin’ dog 6.45 🌶

Jalapeño, melted cheese, Habañero Hot Sauce, ketchup, chives & crispy onions in a brioche roll

street Dog 6.45

Grilled onions, melted cheese, ketchup, chives, Wild West Sauce in a brioche roll topped with crispy onions


Classic tots 3.95

Breaded potato tots covered in BBQ sauce, our Wild West Sauce & topped with spring onions

Cheesy Tots 4.45

Breaded potato tots covered in hot cheese sauce & topped with crispy onions

Hot Tots 4.95 🌶

Breaded potato tots covered in BRIM Signature Sauce, jalapeño & cheese sauce

Dips 40p

BRIM Burger Sauce
Sweet Chilli
BBQ North

with a kick

Signature Sauce
Wild West


skin on fries 2.95

Add seasoning for 50p
Herb & Garlic Salt
Cayenne & Oregano

Sweet potato 3.45

Cheesy fries 3.45

Commando fries 3.95

Hot cheese sauce, Wild West Sauce topped with crispy roasted onions

Dynamite fries 4.45 🌶

Hot cheese sauce, jalapeño, Habañero Hot Sauce, & crispy roasted onions topped with chives


chicken tenders 4.95

Mac&Cheese Bites 3.95

Volcanic cheese bites 3.95

cheese stuffed Rings 3.95

onion Rings 2.95

jr. meals 4.95

Chicken little

Chicken tenders, fries & drink

baby burger

2oz Kids burger (plain with ketchup) fries & drink

Classic Shakes 4.95


BRIM Shakes 5.95

Lotus Biscoff
Salted Caramel
Kinder Bueno White
Ferrero Rocher & Nutella

BRIM brownie special 5.95

Hot layered brownies infused with ice cream & hot chocolate sauce

Drinks 1.20

Coca Cola
Diet Coke
Orange Fanta
Evian Water